We’re working on your device activation right now ……..

Thank you for requesting the activation of your GPS tracking device. Your device will be activated shortly and the SIM card will be activated onto the mobile network. The process may take some time to complete and can sometimes take up to several hours.

Once the activation is complete, our support team will send you a message confirming activation and your login details.

Quick Guide To Getting Started With Your New GPS Tracking Device.


The Basics

We found the easiest way to explain the main features of the tracking software platform was to create some tutorial videos. Our videos guide you through

  • the login process
  • viewing your trackers in the main map window
  • creating extra users
  • creating Geo-Fence areas
  • creating trip reports
  • creating Event Alerts
  • using the ‘Time Machine’
  • changing the tracker name/label

The tracking platform video tutorial page is here.

User Guide


You can also check out the user guide by clicking on the ‘?’ icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen when logged into the desktop version of the software.

Download The Mobile APP

Search for X GPS Monitor in the APP store or Google Play store




Purchasing ‘Top up’ Credit

Your device includes a trial period to allow you to get use to the serivce and see how it performs. Once the trial period expires, you can add ‘Top Up’ credit as required.

Make a ‘Top Up’ from within the web version of the software and your purchased credit will be added automatically to your account straight away.

(You can only use ths option when logged into the website desktop version of the software, you cannot access this from the mobile APP)

Once logged into the platform, simply hover over the blue circle in the top left corner of the screen and click on ‘Balance

You can now choose how much you wish to top up with and purchase instantly.

After you have made a successful purchase, you can also switch to Autopay allowing you to automatically add credit when the balance is low

Installing Your GPS Tracking Device

Now that you have registered your tracking device all you need to do now is install. Select your device from the options below to see full instructions.

WLT01 GPS Tracker

FMB920 GPS Tracker

FMT100 GPS Tracker

OBD Tracker

AT1 Asset GPS Tracker